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Pre-conference Workshops


Pre-conference workshop on IEEE Women in Engineering Capacity Building


The hybrid event for WIE volunteers who works in the local WIE AG or WIE SB to meet and share their best practices. Townhall with IEEE WIE Chair and Region 10 WIE Chair. Raise the concerns and express the need within local AG environments to the IEEE policy maker to find a solution and to make a change.

The event is duplicate in 2 days, 31st October 2023 and 3rd November 2023 during TENCON 2023 to extended the opportunity to all IEEE WIE members in both onsite at TENCON 2023 and online.

IEEE Women in Engineering Activities in TENCON2023


  • 31 October 2023 @ Journey Room, 3rd Floor & Hybrid Mode via Zoom

      Time                                                                            Detail                                                                                                Speakers

13:00 – 14:00                  - Resources of IEEE WIE for capacity building                                        Dr. Celia Shannaz, IEEE WIE Chair

                                             - Opportunity and support from IEEE WIE for local WIE AGs

14:00 – 15:00                  - Opportunity and support from region 10 WIE committee              Dr. Khanita D. (IEEE Region 10 WIE Chair)

                                                for local WIE AGs

                                              - Region 10 WIE activity model sharing

                                              - Benefit for IEEE WIE members                                                                    Dr. Celia Shannaz, IEEE WIE Chair

  • 3 November 2023 @ Business Lounge, 3rd Floor & Hybrid Mode via Zoom

11:00 – 11:30                       - Opportunity and support from region 10                                              Dr. Khanita D. (IEEE Region 10 WIE Chair)                                                         WIE committee for local WIE AGs                                                              and Dr. Celia Shannaz, IEEE WIE Chair

                                                 - Region 10 WIE activity model sharing

                                                 - Best practices amongst local WIE AGs

11:30 – 12:00                     Townhall with Global WIE Chair and Regional WIE Chair                     Local WIE chairs, committee members

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IEEE Women in Engineering Best Paper Awards and Honorable Mentions


                 TENCON 2023 announces call for nomination among the accepted papers with all female authors or female corresponding authors. The nomination will be evaluated and selected as WIE Best paper awards and Honorable mention female authors among all of TENCON 2023 participants. The awards categories and winners are:

  1.  WIE Best paper award - female first author

          Fahmida Nipa*, Fahin Uddin Enam, Md. Tahsin Ahmed Abir, Musa Ahammed Mahin, Dr. Abu Hamed   M. Abdur Rahim,              Md.  Mehedi Hasan Shawon, Md. Rakibul Hasan, “Prosthetic Exo-Leg: A Functional Robotic Leg Suit to Assist Patients            with Transfemoral Amputation” from Brac University, Bangladesh

    2. WIE Best paper award - female corresponding author

         Prajwal S Rao, Aparna Pulikala*, “Hardware-Optimized Deep Learning Model for FPGA-Based Character           Recognitio” from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

 3. All female authors honorable mentions

       1. Deepa M U*, Bindu G R*, A Front End Power-Factor-Corrected Converter Fed Two Stage Battery Charger for               Electric Vehicles

       2. Ilakkia bharthi Balulingam, Vayishnavee Balaji, P.Kaythry P*“Engineering Education and Indian Students'                       Perception on Environment and Sustainable Development: A Comprehensive Study and Analysis

       3. Sameera V Mohd Sagheer*,Sreelakshmi A K, Anupama J, “A Review on Various Deep Learning Techniques                  Used for Melanoma Detection”


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